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What is the future of manufacturing front line leadership training?

The landscape of front line leadership training is ever-changing, and it is important to stay on top of best practices so that your leaders can benefit accordingly.

Read on to discover ten of the most recent trends in front line leadership training that we consider as we design our programs, and that you should be aware of:

Trend #1: The increasing use of technology.

In our Front Line Leadership On Demand program, leaders can take the course on any device they prefer, at any pace they want.

There are also virtual reality simulations that can be embedded in training if that makes it more engaging for learners. Technology is always advancing, and so should the training.

Trend #2: Gamification of training.

Games captivate many people, whether it is playing cards, board games, or video games.

We use games in our training program in the form of a survival simulation, and we also add competitive elements to capture the attention of the learners to make those learning points stick.

Trend #3: A greater emphasis on soft skills training.

We have always offered Front Line Leadership Training which covers all of the soft skill courses that you may need, including communication, motivation, and resolving conflict.

Trend #4: A shift towards continuous learning and professional development.

We have noticed that our best customers are not just ending training after one program. They are looking at multi-stage programs over a period of months, or years.

Continuous training is necessary for leaders to revisit learning concepts every year, practice the basics, and learn new topics that they will find beneficial to their leadership approach.

Trend #5: The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With recent artificial intelligence advancements such as ChatGPT, it is essential to adapt and update training programs and processes.

At Front Line Leadership, we are always reviewing how we can make use of new tools and technologies in our training.

Trend #6: The use of data and analytics to judge the effectiveness of the training program.

Our version of this is the Leadership Behavior Builder System. Once someone finishes a topic, they set a commitment to work on that over the next one to four weeks and the system checks in with them. It then measures their progress and generates a set of data and report for you to see your return on investment.

Trend #7: Personalized training programs specific to an individual supervisor’s needs.

Instead of taking a full program, select the topic that is most interesting and would be of most value to your leaders.

Soon, our Front Line Leadership On Demand library will allow leaders to select any session that they require, at any time, such as conflict management, or communicating effectively.

Trend #8: Collaboration and networking opportunities so that people can learn from each other.

In our Front Line Leadership Public Workshops, people from different companies come together to learn leadership concepts. One thing that we have noticed is that people like to know that others are facing similar challenges to them, and it is helpful to learn about how other people are dealing with those challenges.

In your business, it helps supervisors from different areas to interact, which can be done by bringing them together for in-person training or having them connect from different locations virtually.

Trend #9: Increased focus on sustainability and being environmentally responsible.

Instead of using workbooks, some clients are shifting towards a PDF or electronic preference.

Our Front Line Leadership program uses downloadable concepts that can be completed online.

Trend #10: The use of mentorship and coaching to support supervisors in their development.

In our program, managers are provided with a toolkit, so that they understand all key course concepts as well as open-ended questions to ask. Some of our clients take it a step further and get their supervisors together in peer groups to discuss what is working and how they can support each other.

Our Training

These are the trends that we are on top of in our Front Line Leadership Training, whether it be in our public workshops, organization-specific training, or our On Demand program.

If you are interested in bringing the latest and greatest, state-of-the-art training concepts to your organization, reach out to us on our website.