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How important is continuous training for manufacturing supervisors?

Training is not a one-time event that you can move on from. People learn over time and manufacturing supervisors require continuous training. Below, we will explore three myths that are commonly assumed when it comes to continuous training.

Myth #1: Continuous training is not necessary for supervisors.

A common myth is that continuous training is not necessary for supervisors, once they understand the basics, they should be good to go. When in fact, 94% of employees would choose to stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Myth #2: Training is not necessary as supervisors already know what they need to do.

Another myth is that training is not necessary as supervisors already know what they need to do. In fact, most supervisors find that different situations will come up over time, and training from two or three years ago may no longer be relevant. If they had another training session more recently it would allow them to deal with that situation better.

Myth #3: Manufacturing training is very expensive.

The reality is that while training can be an investment, what needs to be considered is, the importance of the supervisor to driving profitability in your warehouse. The payoff in terms of employee morale and productivity is worth it.

Myth #4: Training should only cover technical topics.

Many organizations believe that a manufacturing supervisor only needs technical skills. 56% of employees said that they would spend more time learning if their manager directed them to a specific course. Training benefits not only the supervisor, but also team members as well.

Providing Continuous Training

Now that we have debunked myths surrounding training for supervisors, follow these tips to provide continuous learning and training to your manufacturing supervisors:

Tip #1: Define performance gaps.

Usually there is a gap where you can see supervisors struggling. That is a great place to start in terms of which training will be of highest value.

Tip #2: Be prepared to make a multi-year commitment.

You need to be prepared to make a multi-year commitment when it comes to supervisor training. Keep in mind that you can pause or delay if business conditions change but understand that your leaders need to continue to be trained over time.

It is the same reason why you do preventative maintenance on equipment – the same thing is needed to keep leadership training and skills fresh for your supervisors.

Tip #3: Share successes and challenges.

We want supervisors to interact with one another so that they can share what worked for them and what was a challenge.

This will encourage their colleagues to have the confidence to try new things and put their training to use. It reinforces training sessions and extends the value of workshops.

Front Line Leadership Training

There is no better choice than Front Line Leadership when looking to provide continuous learning for your manufacturing supervisors.

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