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How do you increase warehouse productivity?

There are plenty of ways that organizations attempt to increase warehouse productivity, that are in fact not productive.

Here are four myths and facts that will help you run a more productive warehouse:

Myth #1: Automation is the only way to increase warehouse productivity.

Many executives and managers believe that technology will help to increase productivity. This may or may not be the case.

The fact is, while certain equipment is necessary and can improve throughput in a warehouse, it does not necessarily solve all problems. This is because there is a lot of human interaction involved with technology. You can sometimes generate more or better cost savings without the capital investment by simply interacting with your team in a different way.

Myth #2: Increasing productivity requires expensive capital equipment.

Another area where people will invest a lot in to is capital equipment, like forklift trucks or automated picking systems.

Again, this can yield some benefit, but the problem is that if people were to simply enact lean management principles or clear organizational practices and train their staff, this may in fact yield more productivity increases than simply increasing capital spending.

Myth #3: Warehouse productivity really comes at the sacrifice of safety.

Safety and productivity are not mutually exclusive. We have certainly seen supervisors in our training program when there is a new safety protocol or more stringent guarding requirements.

The first thing people think is “This is just going to make my job more difficult, and I am going to have trouble hitting my numbers.” But most of the time, that is just a preconceived worry or belief.

In actuality, the safety practices add to productivity.  Now instead of being extra cautious about something, there is something preventing injuries to begin with, and people can focus on their jobs. Plus, we know that when an organization focuses on safety, it is the number one thing that can impact employee morale in a positive way because it shows that the organization cares about them and their wellbeing.

Myth #4: Outsourcing is the only way to increase warehouse productivity.

Outsourcing has its place in terms of an organization’s decision of what to do internally versus externally, however, it is not the only way to do it.

When faced with other measures like streamlining flow and looking for bottlenecks in an organization, you may find that you can run a leaner and more efficient warehouse without necessarily having to subcontract that out to a third-party provider.

When you do outsource, you are outsourcing costs, but also the profit margin. So, in some cases it makes sense to outsource but in most, you will be better off to improve your operations internally.

Front Line Leadership Training

Those are four myths and four facts on how to help you increase warehouse productivity.

While those four myths and facts will influence your warehouse productivity, the leadership strengths in your operation will make the most significant difference.

That is where our Front Line Leadership program comes in.

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