Does Your Workplace Have Stupid Rules?

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How can you get your newer employees to identify stupid rules?

You could make your workplace more appealing and discover opportunities to improve things by tapping into the fresh perspectives that newer workers bring to the workplace.

A new person joining your workplace is going to have a totally different experience than the employees who’ve been there for a long time. As you welcome them to the department, ask them to keep track over the first month they work there of all the things they come across that seem stupid to them.

Your newer employees can help you find rules you don’t need anymore. Share on X

Although the word stupid is one of those words you probably want to avoid, it’s fitting here because there are stupid rules in your organization; things that made sense at one point, but are now ridiculous.

Those ridiculous rules are actually costing you time, money, and maybe even repelling people from wanting to stay at your organization.

Supervisor watching over employees

Instead of focusing on the stupidity of them, consider eliminating them, or modifying them by turning them into continuous improvement projects.

Tapping into the fresh eyes and perspectives of your new employees can help you identify continuous improvement opportunities and streamline the way you run your business.