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How do you influence the culture scores or employee survey results that your organization is gathering?

It is tempting to look at employee surveys or culture scores as something that has nothing to do with you as a supervisor. However, the way that most employees judge the organization is very much influenced by their interactions with their immediate supervisors. There is a strong correlation between the culture survey results and whoever is leading that team, department, or location.

Here are three specific things for you to do that will boost your culture scores the next time your company does a survey:

1. Keep your team informed.

One question on employee surveys is usually whether the employees feel if they have been communicated with well enough. Your team needs you to bring them up to date shift by shift as to what is going on and how it influences their work.

Be a conduit of communication. Take the things that you are aware of through your management meetings that you attend and where appropriate, which is most of the time, convey that information down to your team.

2. Interact with your team proactively.

As a supervisor, you do not want to be in constant reaction mode. You need to proactively move around your department, touch base with people, interact with them, and listen to them.

These things will help drive up your employees’ perceptions of the organization, its culture, and their satisfaction.

3. Take interest in the career development of the people on your team.

People on your team want to develop a sense of mastery. Not everyone will want a promotion, but will want to take on new challenges to grow and develop. As a supervisor, touch base with your team so they feel you are trying to connect with them and then take an interest in their career development and growth.

Once you have figured out how to boost your culture scores by being a great leader, you may decide you want to work on some of your other leadership attributes and skills.

No matter what it takes to help you become the best leader that you can be, we are here to help you on that journey.