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How can you support the diversity initiatives that your organization has?

Diversity is an incredible asset because, when harnessed, it brings more ideas and backgrounds to your company, so the quality of ideas and talent within your organization increases.

Use these three tips to embrace diversity within your organization: Share on X

What do you do as a leader to embrace diversity? Here are three tips to help:

1. Create an inclusive environment.

Every group either gives off a vibe that makes people feel welcome and included or that makes people feel excluded. The latter could be in the form of inappropriate jokes or comments.

Make sure that you pay attention to how inclusive your environment is. Does it welcome people with different backgrounds and perspectives?

Always be aware of what is happening.

2. Watch what you say.

What you say as a leader has a big impact because people follow your example. Do not make inappropriate jokes or ask questions that could be deemed offensive. Even innocent comments like “Where did you come from?” or “Where did you grow up?” could make someone feel small and insignificant.

3. Coach your team.

How will your team know to behave better or be more appropriate if you do not bring it to their attention? They may not be immediately receptive, so do not worry about how they receive your message, but watch for changed actions later. Many people, even if they put up resistance, will start to moderate or change their behaviours.

When you create a more inclusive environment, the ability of your organization to attract and retain diverse talents will increase. That will ultimately drive up performance.

Once you have learned how to become more inclusive, you might decide that you want to work on some of your other leadership aspects and characteristics. You can do that by having us work with you as an individual, by enrolling in one of our public workshops or having us on-site to deliver training for your team.