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You, as a front line leader, need to know how to conduct successful shift startup meetings to start your team’s day off right.

Many leaders will conduct a short, five-minute meeting to start the shift. Sometimes it’s called a toolbox meeting or a tailboard meeting. It’s designed to be a standup gathering of your team to convey a few key pieces of information before the workday begins.

It’s one way to get the team’s workday off to a productive start by focusing on a few key messages.

Tips for productive startup meetings

Begin by mentioning positive highlights from the previous shift. Perhaps mention anniversaries or milestones that are applicable to your team or team members. Deliver a safety message or a reminder to work safely that day. Raise any concerns from the previous day, including issues around quality, safety, or production.

Next, focus on the workload for the day ahead. Will you be shorthanded that day? Are there any equipment issues that might be problematic? Share these importance pieces of information with the team.

And finally, remember to keep your energy level up and the pace of the meeting moving along. If you don’t, your team will tune out.

Many leaders miss the opportunity to use the startup meeting as a positive launch for the day. They're either low energy or they're negative. Share on X

And if that’s your approach, don’t expect your team to be super excited about these meetings or their workdays.

It’s your job as the leader to bring some positive energy to launch your team’s day.

What do you do for a successful shift startup meetings?

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