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How can you use the BEER method to deliver corrective feedback?

I want to talk about the enticement of using beer to correct unacceptable behavior and performance.

Before you get too excited, I am not talking about the frosty beverage that you might use on a warm summer’s day. I am actually talking about a very simple way that you can give corrective feedback, especially in the moment on the shop floor with team members.

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What does the BEER model stand for? Well, it is really this simple:

B stands for behavior.

What is the behavior that you have just observed someone doing?

Whatever it is you would say, “Hey, I want to talk to you about your behavior,” and all you are doing here is stating what you saw in terms of the behavior.

E stands for effect.

What is the effect of that behavior, either on production or on other team members?

So you might say, “Hey, when you do not follow the procedures, it causes quality problems and it causes our scrap rate to go up.” That is the behavior and the effect.

E stands for expectation.

What is the expectation in terms of the behavior you would like to see?

Tell them your expectations.  “In the future, you need to… so that…” and then comes the result.

R stands for result.

What is the result that you want to achieve? State this after you state your expectations.

The BEER method to corrective feedback can be a great way of just making sure that your team hears what they need to do to meet your expectations going forward.

If you have enjoyed hearing about this simple technique, then you should have us in to work with all of your supervisors and team leaders.

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