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How Accountable Is Your Team?

How Accountable Is Your Team? How Accountable Is Your Team?

 How accountable is your team? Do they act like owners or renters? Many people likely treat stuff that you rent just as well as stuff that they own, however, there are many situations where the opposite is true. Think about rental cars, for example, people are more likely to treat a rental car worse […]

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement continuous improvement

 Who should own continuous improvement? To begin, let’s examine a different question. Who owns your health? The doctor, or you? In reality, it is your health. You have to take primary responsibility for it, even if your doctor is your consultant or advisor to help you when your health is not as good. In […]

Resolving Conflict

Resolving Conflict resolving conflict

 How do you resolve a conflict or a disagreement between two of your team members? Today, people have shorter fuses due to the underlying worry and anxiety that comes along with the COVID-19 situation. If people on your team are losing it too easily, it is probably because of that underlying anxiety. When two […]