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Three Curious Leadership Lessons for Front Line Leaders from Donald Trump
Now that the U.S. election is behind us, there are some interesting lessons that front line supervisors and managers in operations and manufacturing environments can take by observing the significant support expressed by those who voted for Donald Trump. This article doesn’t condone or support unacceptable behaviors towards women or[...]
Dealing with Dominant and Disrespectful Employees
A popular topic in the Front Line Leadership course is dealing with different personality styles. And one thing supervisors say is quite challenging is when one their employees has a dominant, driver personality type. A dominant employee will typically do these things: – Boss around their co-workers. – Tell their[...]
Workplace Conflict – Educate to Overcome Ignorance – Three leadership tips to harness the positive side of workplace conflict
Are you in the majority of people who see conflict as destructive and avoid it at all costs? Or do you see conflict as an essential ingredient to create a healthy organization and reap the rewards of continuous improvement? The root cause of most conflict is ignorance – either I[...]
3 Destructive Things Leaders Say and Shouldn’t
In more than 25 years working with organizations, we’ve seen and heard lots of… ahem… questionable behavior. There are three cringeworthy phrases that say a lot about a leader’s attitude towards his or her people and contribute to a lack of engagement. Destructive Phrase Number 1: We Don’t Pay You[...]
3 Steps to Create Career Progression When Promotions Are Scarce
In today’s flatter organizations, promotions are scarce and yet younger workers want continuous career progression. (See our recent post on Decoding the Mysteries of Managing Millennials.) Whether your role is more senior in the organization, or you are a front line supervisor or team leader, there are a few simple[...]