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Implement Your Resolutions - Unique Training and Development

Implement Your Resolutions

How do you put your leadership resolutions into action? Do you know which leadership lessons will help you make lasting change in your team? The reality is most people have ideas and aspirations, but they never build up enough traction to actually get started. They end up tossing their ideas aside before they even have […]

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Explore Your Options - Unique Training and Development

Explore Your Options

 Do you know why you should consider your options?  You don’t want to narrow down your choices too quickly when solving problems or making decisions. My dad always told me when I was buying something, I needed to look at two or three different options. He was coaching me on how to become a […]

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manufacturing leader at plant

Our Top 3 Blogs From This Past Year

As you wrap up 2020 and begin preparing for the New Year, are you prioritizing your and your team’s leadership development? The kind of leader your employees view you as strongly depends on the way you interact with them and how you handle certain workplace matters. To give you some ideas on planning your 2021 […]

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Resolve Team Conflict

 When you approach employees who are in the middle of a heated argument, how do you help resolve the conflict? Use these four questions to help discover what the source of the conflict is and some possible solutions: 1. “What caused the disagreement?”  Most conflicts don’t emerge instantly. They have probably been brewing hard feelings […]

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leader and team member talking

Get More Respect From Your Team

 As a leader, you must show respect to earn respect. Here are three tips to earn respect from your team by showing them respect: The first tip is to acknowledge people. When it comes to being snubbed, people are more sensitive than you might think. Something as simple as not acknowledging someone in the […]

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leader and employee talking

Keep Optimism Realistic

 Why should you, the leader, be realistically optimistic? Being realistically optimistic is different from being “Pollyanna optimistic”—where you make promises you can’t keep. Admiral James Stockdale, in his book about the Vietnam War, had this great quote: “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end, which you can never afford […]

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construction worker stressed

Embrace Challenge

 Why should you, as a leader, embrace challenges? It’s tempting to think that challenging events and situations are only stressful and negative, but they can also contribute to some of your greatest strengths as a human being and leader. Here are three tips to reframe your thinking about challenges: Tip number one is to […]

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two metal workers

Clone Your Top Performers

 What if you, as a leader, could clone your top performers? Many leaders fantasize about having the ability to clone their top performers, so they have even more of them in their work group. Of course, we are not talking about a lab experiment where we extract DNA from your best people and breed […]

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two manufacturing workers talking

Three Steps To Keep Employees Fit for Duty

 How do you ensure your employees are fit for duty and not jeopardizing the health and safety of your team? Your responsibility as a supervisor is to make sure your team is fit for duty. When we say “fit for duty”, we mean making sure employees are able to perform the job tasks required […]

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Manufacturing worker

Unlock The Secret To Top Performance

 Should you think of your employees as athletes? Today, I want to talk about an article I read recently that talked about how athletes are conquering distance and whether you can apply some of those same concepts to elevate your team’s performance. The article was in the Wall Street Journal, and it talked about […]

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