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Potential and Goals
Potential and Goals

What is the full potential of your operation?

Focus your team on their potential and set goals high enough for yourself, and your team.

By setting high targets, you can motivate your team to excel beyond what they think possible.

Here are three tips to help focus your team on their potential:

1. Identify the potential.

If you are achieving a certain level of production throughput and machine uptime, what would those machines actually be capable of if they were to reach their full potential?

That can give you an idea of a much higher target to set for your team.

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2. Involve your team.

After you identify your potential, share that information with your team in a motivating way.

For example, you can say, “We are doing great now, but think of how good we could be doing!”

Ask your team what you would need to focus on to hit your new targets, keep them involved throughout the process.

3. Celebrate gains.

Celebrate how the gains are being made as you move from your current level of performance to that theoretical potential for your process. Make your team feel good about their successes.

Once you learn to focus on the full potential of your team, you will notice performance starting to rise, and then you may want to work on some of your other leadership characteristics and aspects. That is what we are here for.

Our mission is to help companies drive exceptional performance and high employee engagement, through better leadership.


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