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A new training grant by the Canadian and provincial governments can help pay for two thirds of training costs you incur to upgrade the skills of your employees (including supervisors and managers) up to $10,000 per employee.

You likely already know that investing in training for your employees makes sense and yet it can be a challenge to budget the funds needed to get the quality of training that will generate the results and outcomes you are looking for. With some time invested in completing the inevitable paperwork, you could receive up to $10,000 per employee towards training costs.

The information in this article is mostly geared towards the Canada-Ontario Job Grant because many of our clients are located in the province of Ontario. That said a quick web search will give you the specifics to your province.

Basic Information About the Grant

  • Provides up to $10,000 per employee for training costs.
  • Employers are required to contribute one third of the training investment although smaller firms (less than 50 employees) can make a contribution in kind towards the training by paying the salaries of the individuals taking part in the training (up to half of the employer portion). That means a smaller firm could only pay for 1/6th of the out of pocket costs charged by the training provider.
  • Training must be delivered by an eligible third-party trainer like Unique Training & Development (so it doesn’t cover internally delivered training).
  • The grant is expected to last for six years so it is possible to receive funding every year for six years.
  • An employee could access multiple training courses although each requires its own approval process.
  • A training course cannot by longer than one year in duration.
  • Given the possible funding amount it is possible to provide valuable follow-up training and coaching that creates sustainable change in your organization.
  • The amount available for the grants is limited in each year so it is best to apply early.
  • Funding is not guaranteed so again it is best to apply to see if your company will receive funding.

Use this link to access Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Leadership Training from Unique Training Get Funded?

Within the different training providers you can contract with there is a category called Product Vendor which applies to independent third party consultants like Unique Training & Development Inc.

Can Unique Training Help us With the Paperwork?

Yes, we are willing to provide assistance with the paperwork. Please use our contact form on the website to either send us an email or to give our admin team a call.

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