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Staying Connected With Your Team

Staying Connected With Your Team team communication

 It’s important to stay connected with your team as a leader, especially in uncertain times. Leaders have the tendency to become less supportive of their team in times of stress, when in fact they need to be even more supportive. When people are under stress, they have some interesting human behaviors and many people, […]

The Secret to Team Problem Solving

The Secret to Team Problem Solving team problem solving

 How can you as a front line leader help teams solve problems better and unlock greater potential in your team? In our training, we use interactive survival simulations, and it’s fair to say the teams that participate in the training don’t always do as well as they would like. Let’s look at some of […]

Safety Drives Employee Engagement

Safety Drives Employee Engagement safety Employee Engagement

 Show your team that safety is much more than checking the box. Do you want to really motivate your team? Emphasize safety and safe work practices to your team because you care about their well-being. When leaders focus on safety, it tells employees that leadership cares about them. Within the same corporation, there were […]

Stop Blaming the Old-Timers

Stop Blaming the Old-Timers long-serving employee

 Your longer-serving workers might have a reason to be negative, but you can change that. Do you talk negatively about the long-serving employees in your organization? I was doing some work recently with a group of leaders, and we were discussing the need to stay positive even when surrounded by people who are negative. […]