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Usually we focus our topics on the supervisors and managers and today I think we should celebrate the people who make things happen every day. Sometimes we talk about challenging or difficult employees – fortunately most employees are helpful and productive and want to do the best job possible. For all they do, this Bud’s for you!

Q: What is it that makes a great employee?

A: A great employee is someone who adds value to the organization they work for and are focused on creating customer satisfaction. Managers like to know that they have a person that they can count on and who is willing to do what is required to be successful.

Q: Are there a list of attributes that companies are looking for?

A: Yes, companies want dependability – people who show up on time, do what they are expected to do and look out for the best interests of the organization and its customers.

– Companies want employees who look for opportunities for improvement, are supportive of change and new ideas and are willing to work well with others as part of a team.

– Companies want employees who look after company property and take ownership over their work and think like an owner when they spend company money.

Q: How do managers sometimes keep employees from being as good as they can be?

A: Managers sometimes take away the very things they want employees to do – for example they institute overly restrictive policies and procedures that restrict accountability and innovation and then complain that employees aren’t creative enough or think outside the box.

– Managers also forget that employees are people and deserve to be treated with respect and communicated to in a respectful manner. Many employees who have either managers who are bullies or mean, or alternatively too soft – actually go out of their way to hide from their manager and stop doing anything except what their manager has asked – hoping not to do something wrong.

So again – for all those great employees out there – keep up the good work – we need you. If you’re a great employee and you work for a jerk, consider finding a better situation for yourself. If you are a difficult employee – see what you can do to be more positive and helpful – chances are you’ll live longer, make the people around you happier and become a great employee.

Teaser for next week: I want to encourage everyone to listen next Monday as I will be making an announcement about our next public seminar presented by myself and AM800 – We had great feedback and turnout for the Exceptional Leadership Seminar back in March – and based on that success we’ll be running another one with a whole new line up – listen for all the details next Monday morning.