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In challenging economic times, it is important to mobilize everyone to help boost sales. Here are some thoughts for managers, salespeople and employees on how to generate more business.


Look for opportunities to mobilize your staff to create more sales. Customer Service employees can look for new opportunities or upsell and cross sell customers additional products or services – McDonalds famous line is “Do you want fries with that? or do you want to make that a combo?” When they experimented with doing without those suggestions, they discovered that sales dropped. An existing customer can be your best source of sales growth.
Remember that setting your goal as “To Survive” is not particular motivating. Set goals so they are ambitious and then you will likely overshoot the “survival” outcome and do better.


When times are good, salespeople can ease up a bit and become order takers instead of order makers. If you are in sales, a turbulent marketplace can create new opportunities with new prospects. You may be able to take advantage of weaknesses in your competition. Focus on the fundamentals, maximize your selling time with new prospects and existing accounts. Go after the business and you will succeed.


All employees can make sure that existing customers are looked after by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and providing great service. Look for opportunities to expand the business relationship by suggesting other products and services. Look for opportunities to let people know the positive aspects of doing business with your company.

Together, you can grow sales in challenging times. For more information, please visit www.LeadershipWizard.com