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Coaching for Abrasive Managers

Help managers develop a more constructive leadership approach

Leadership Coaching for Aggressive or Abrasive Managers
Help your managers adopt a more constructive leadership approach

Aggressive and abrasive managers usually care deeply about the organization and achieving results. Unfortunately, their approach often creates problems on their own team and with other departments. Employees can become disengaged and unmotivated. We help these managers recognize the triggers that cause inappropriate reactions and build alternative leadership behaviors that are more constructive. Depending on the situation and its severity the duration of the intervention might be over one or two months or longer.

Based on our experience as executive and management coaches, we have discovered that only a small number of behaviors cause the majority of frustration for a manager or executive, and the people who work with him or her. Identifying and correcting these few behaviors will have a large impact on the executive or manager and his or her team.

The process consists of four phases:

  1. Ensuring Fit: We recommend a conversation to discuss your situation and make sure we are the best choice as executive coach or management coach. This can occur face-to-face or by telephone depending on where you are located. We also recommend a conversation with the coaching candidate to make sure there can be a good working relationship.
  2. Situation, Goals and Action Plan:  Together we identify what is working and not working in terms of style and approach. Then we determine the goal and the coaching plan to get there. Depending on the situation, we use assessment tools to identify current thinking and behavior.
  3. Executive Coaching / Management Coaching:  Depending on how large a difference there is between current and desired behavior, we will conduct a series of one to two hour executive coaching or management coaching sessions either face-to-face or by telephone. Each session will review accomplishments, determine action steps and discuss specific challenging situations.
  4. Reporting: We encourage the individual and their manager to discuss progress. The coach can also provide feedback and determine when the executive coaching or management coaching process has reached the desired results.

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