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Customized Training for Targeted Leadership Development

The success or failure of an organization hinges significantly on its leadership. In industries like manufacturing, distribution, and operations, ineffective leaders can lead to high turnover rates, eroding the core strength of your workforce.

On-the-floor demands and operational pressures often prevent front line leaders from participating in essential development programs, leaving a critical gap in leadership skills and negatively impacting team morale and productivity.

Our tailored leadership modules address this gap, offering flexible, impactful courses with microlearning components for front line leaders. This approach allows for transformative leadership and professional development that adapts to your organization's unique operational needs, fostering a thriving workplace culture with a more engaged, productive, and loyal workforce

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Our Front Line Leadership On Demand Modules Address a Wide Range of Organizational Challenges:

  • Budget Constraints: Ideal for businesses with limited funds for on-site or in-person training.
  • Operational Demands: Perfect for those who can't spare leaders for extended group training due to production needs.
  • Geographical Spread: Suited for teams with leaders across different shifts or locations, simplifying training scheduling.
  • Timely Training: Ensures immediate training availability for newly promoted leaders.
  • Commitment to Development: Demonstrates an investment in the continuous growth of your leadership team.

Each lesson is meticulously crafted to focus on a distinct leadership skill, ensuring that the training is not only highly targeted but also captivating and interactive. We deliver this 1-2 hour top-notch, specialized training seamlessly to your device of choice, combining convenience with quality.

Diverse Microlearning Options for Specific Leadership Challenges

Our innovative modules offer a wide selection of learning opportunities, each honing in on key leadership areas. Whether it's enhancing team motivation, mastering effective communication, or navigating complex change, we provide learning that aligns perfectly with your specific leadership challenges. They are carefully designed and not only impart essential skills but also encourage practical application, ensuring a profound and lasting impact on your leaders’ capabilities. Choose the module(s) that best fits your needs and embark on a journey to refined and effective leadership.


Effective Communication

Master communication techniques to engage your team and achieve results, using appropriate words, tone, body language, and effective listening.

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Addressing Behavior and Performance Issues

Constructively address behavior and performance issues to strengthen your team, using timely feedback and appropriate methods to reinforce positive behavior.

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Managing Conflict

Resolve conflicts constructively to improve results and relationships, understanding individual reactions, addressing root causes, and facilitating respectful solutions.

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Empowerment, Accountability, and Training

Increase team self-reliance and engagement by understanding different comfort zones, empowering team members, enhancing accountability, and providing effective on-the-job training.

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Leading Change

Drive successful change initiatives by reducing resistance and fostering buy-in, staying curious, and developing strategic change implementation plans.

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Motivating and Engaging Employees

Create a motivating environment, understand the impact of leadership on team engagement, and adopt a positive approach towards younger workers to reduce turnover.

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Expectations of a Front Line Leader

Learn to match your skills with the expectations of a leader, enhancing communication between management and team members. Develop strategies to escape the leadership trap, creating time for process and team performance improvement.

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Winning the Day

Foster a team environment of accomplishment and optimism. Clarify goals, address team frustrations, and establish efficient shift transitions to maintain consistent performance.

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Leading by Example

Cultivate a culture of respect and consistency, leading through actions. Set boundaries to maintain professional relationships, building team rapport for enhanced results.

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Leadership Styles

Learn to adopt a Coach style to maximize team performance and satisfaction. Understand the characteristics and impacts of four leadership styles - Autocrat, Caretaker, Conformist, and Coach - and how to flexibly switch between them as needed.

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Why Choose Unique Development’s Online, On Demand Training Programs?

Our Front Line Leadership modules are meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern leaders. We provide an immersive learning experience that blends interactive content, practical activities, and real-world applications. This approach ensures that your leaders not only acquire essential skills but also understand how to apply these skills effectively in their daily roles. By investing in your team’’s education you're not just training your leaders; you're empowering them to drive meaningful change and positively impact your organization's growth and culture.

Each module offers an engaging blend of videos, light reading, activities, reflections, helpful visuals, downloadable content, and quizzes to ensure that no matter their learning style, your leaders will benefit from the rapid-fire training sessions. Practical tools and resources cover every aspect of what it takes to become a successful front line leader.

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    Sharpens Leadership Skills: The bite-sized learning equips leaders with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate complex conversations and workplace challenges effectively.

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    Boosts Team Engagement: Each topic is designed to help leaders foster a more motivated and committed workforce.

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    Enhances Retention: By strengthening leadership abilities, you are contributing to increased employee retention and lower turnover rates.

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    Drives Organizational Success: Empower leaders to contribute significantly to your organization's overall performance and results.

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    Streamlines Management Efficiency: Aims to reduce the workload on HR and upper management by equipping front line leaders to handle issues more independently.

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Front Line Leadership Training is a process, not an event

Each selected module is a key step in mastering specific leadership skills.

The Leader Behavior Builder™

The Leader Behavior Builder™ system is a transformative tool in our developmental training process. Upon completion, leaders are prompted to identify and commit to one specific behavioral change relevant to the skills they've just learned. This commitment is not just a declaration but a structured plan for implementation, supported by the system through reminders and encouragement for self-assessment, ensuring the practical application of new skills in their leadership roles.

HR Managers receive a detailed progress report for each course completed. These digital reports provide a comprehensive overview of the behavioral commitments made, the progress in skill development, and the overall impact on the leader's growth. This enables HR Managers to monitor and understand the tangible improvements in leadership capabilities.

Logistics for Individual Course Enrollment

Each selected module is designed to take 1 to 2 hours to complete, offering an in-depth yet concise learning experience. Front line leadership expert Greg Schinkel presents the concepts via video segments, supplemented with interactive quizzes and activities, enabling participants to apply these concepts to their day to day work situations.
Upon completion of a course, participants engage with our Leader Behavior Builder™️ system, committing to a specific leadership behavior change. The system then follows up over two weeks, encouraging the application of new skills and collecting self-assessments on progress.

Upon successful completion of the course, including completing their Leader Behavior Builder™️ commitment, participants receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment in that specific area of leadership training.


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