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As a leader, you must show respect to earn respect.

Here are three tips to earn respect from your team by showing them respect:

The first tip is to acknowledge people.

When it comes to being snubbed, people are more sensitive than you might think. Something as simple as not acknowledging someone in the workplace can be perceived as one of these “snubs.”

If you want to  counteract the  tendency to ignore people, always remember what’s called the five-and-ten rule. This rule states that everyone within five feet should be greeted. Keep it simple, “Hello, how are you doing? How’s your day going?” And, everyone within ten feet deserves at least a wave, a nod, or an acknowledgment.

Simply by acknowledging people, they will feel that you’ve shown them respect. When you walk right by and you don’t talk to them, they may think you’re being disrespectful.

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Tip two is to remember that you are one big team.

Some leaders create a hierarchy, and that hierarchy suggests, “You work for me, we don’t work on this together.”

Instead, you really want a spirit of collaboration to exist within your team. You need to show that you are willing to work hard, get your hands dirty, and be there alongside your team when they face challenging situations.

industry trust teamworkMaking it feel like you are all in this together, will allow your team to feel respected because you’re not acting like you are better than them.

The third tip is to deal with disrespect.

The reality is, you or one of your team members might be disrespectful. That means you are going to have to confront and correct the situation so it doesn’t occur in the future.

It is important to call people on their behaviors, especially when it’s repeated over a period of time. It could be considered insubordination if someone is disrespectful to you as the supervisor.

Have a discussion with them and ask them to change their behavior. It will help build their awareness, which is often all it takes. Also, point out the consequences they can expect to receive if their behavior does not change. Confronting disrespectful conduct sets your team up for success and your leadership job will become easier.

Use these tips, show respect, and watch as your team reciprocates it back to you and to each other.