How to Persuade People to Do What You Want and Think It’s Their Idea

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Persuasion is Based on Rapport – and Rapport is based on thinking that people are like us. One way we tell this is whether someone uses similar body language and the pace at which they speak – if they talk slower than us, we think they are slow thinkers – if they talk more quickly – we think they are a fast-talker. If you can learn to moderate your pace to match another person, rapport will increase and your ability to persuade will increase.

Persuasion is about saying things confidently – If you speak with an up inflection people will think you are uncertain, if you speak straight across with your inflection people will think you are delivering facts and if you drop down the end of your sentences – you will be using the Jedi mind trick – “These are not the droids you are looking for…” “You want to buy me a coffee now, don’t you?” If you sound confident people will tend to accept what you say as fact, when in most cases it is opinion.

Persuasion is about giving people a reason to do what you are asking them – Most people don’t like being told what to do – however if you add the word because and give a reason, statistically people are more likely to do what you ask. People just want to know “Why” and then usually they comply.

Persuasion is about asking great questions – Persuasion is really getting other people to come to the same conclusions and think its their idea. Ask good open-ended questions that enable people to buy in. How could we get that project done quicker? How can you make sure you do well on that test? What would it take to get the perfect job? How could I be happier in my relationship?

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