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How can you increase your probability of promotion so that when the next opportunity arises, you are seen as the ideal candidate to earn the promotion?

Visibility and Intention: An individual working for one of my clients was passed up for a challenging new assignment. Her boss didn’t know she was interested in the new job. Instead of toiling away in obscurity, ask for greater challenges and let your manager know that you are interested in taking on more responsibility.

Accountability: Put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to be accountable for the success or failure of a project. Sticking your neck out might appear risky and yet you will get noticed by taking the lead. Even if something goes sideways on the project, avoid blaming others and instead present an action plan to get back on track.

Growth: Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. Take a new course, ask for an assignment outside your regular job duties. Avoid making others responsible for your stagnation. Take ownership over your career.

Results: Show results for your activities. Demonstrate the impact on the bottom line, sales growth, profit, waste reduction, cash flow improvement. Quantify the results you generate for your organization and you become more valuable.

Network: Your next promotion might not be within your department, location, company or even industry. Make connections both on-line and in person with a variety of people in areas that might interest you. Listen for opportunities and be willing to speak up if something looks good to you.

Build Up Others: In order to justify and ultimately succeed in a leadership role, you must give credit to others and make them look good. By offering deserved praise you are demonstrating leadership. As you rise in an organization, it is less about YOU and more about getting things done through others.