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I received this web inquiry from a shop teacher in an area being particularly hard hit by the automotive industry downturn. Check out my ideas and feel free to add your own comments.

  • “I am a shop teacher in high school. I would like to keep my students motivated in the school setting because they seem to see no hope because of the economy.”

Thank you for your web inquiry and congratulations on going the extra mile to help your students stay positive. You have a big influence so your own personal example will be a big help.
The current news (plus whatever the students hear at home) can be a big drag. Bad news can be like a heavy fog that envelopes us if do not maintain a personal beacon or lighthouse of some positive news.

– 10% unemployment mean 90% employment
– If the economy shrinks by 5%, it still has 95% of the output from before
– The population of the world is still growing so there will be greater opportunities
– Companies are still hiring and having a trade will serve your students well
– There will still be a job shortage for skilled workers with great attitudes
– Most of the news is speculation about what might happen or facts about what happened long in the past
– In tough times it can take more effort to succeed and that extra effort will serve you well in the long term
– Even if you have to settle for a lesser job than you want – it is still good experience for the future when a better job turns up

Ask them on a personal basis to reflect on something positive and to tune out some of the negativity.

If you are reading this post, please feel free to add your own comments.