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Especially in these uncertain times, leadership requires faith. Faith is believing in something you cannot know for sure. We most often think about faith in a religious context. As a Christian I believe in God and Jesus Christ.

In business, a manager or leader needs to have faith in these areas:

Potential: Have faith in the abilities of the employees who work for you. Looking at the staff around you, consider who has untapped potential and then give them assignments, training and coaching to bring out their best. Some may disappoint and yet others will surprise.

Picture the Possibilities: Get a picture in your mind about where you want your business, department or division to be in the future. Being able to envision future success will help you lead staff towards that goal. In the current uncertain economic times, great leaders will take their organization boldly into the future.

Payoff: If you can envision the rewards for what you are working on, it can help motivate you to take action. What’s in it for you? A promotion; a bonus; a sense of self-satisfaction?

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