Leadership That Comes Too Late

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There’s nothing like a full blown crisis to finally bring out the leadership that was missing in an organization. General Motors is finally having to confront the reality of becoming a smaller company with two profitable divisions and a lot fewer employees and dealers. The CAW and UAW have been humbled into becoming the partners they should have been all along.

A desperate, heroic Hail Mary pass is exciting when it connects and results in a touchdown. If it worked consistently teams would use it more often. The probability of success is too low to rely on it. Your organization cannot wait until the 11th hour, when your back is against the wall, (insert your own cliche here!) to have capable leaders.

Leadership is needed in your organization right now. It cannot wait until the future. Think for a moment about the managers, supervisors and team leaders in your organization. How many of them exhibit strong leadership skills? How many are barely managing, not able to rally their teams to achieve success?

Are your managers and supervisors moving foward with the necessary changes to ensure not only survival, but the ability to thrive in the future? Is there a boldness to the vision, a persistence to the message and a common thrust of momentum?

And what are you personally taking ownership of that will help your organization move forward? Now is the time to step up and make change happen. Set ambitious targets, encourage others to break out of their funk and move forward. Celebrate success.

Leadership cannot wait.