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We’re noticing that during the recession, many companies and their leaders are in a funk. Business isn’t as fun as it was in the early days and results aren’t what they were in the good times. So we’ve designed a new workshop and there is the potential for 100% government funding (more on that at the end of this article).

Innovative companies can lose their edge, especially after successfully commercializing their technology. Perhaps the owners and those involved in the start-up have lost the energy and enthusiasm they had in the exciting start-up phase.

It is time to break out of your complacency and regain the mojo that made your organization successful. To help you out, we have created a brand new training program that can be delivered first to your management team and then rolled out to other departments in your company to get the whole organization thinking about innovation.

In this session, your managers will be able to:

  • Identify high probability growth areas in the business based on new and existing technologies;
  • Identify and eliminate the barriers that prevent the organization from being more innovative;
  • Develop a new vision that can carry the organization forward towards a higher level of success;
  • Develop a skill set to tap into the creativity and possibility that exists within the company;
  • Communicate the new direction clearly and repetitively to create buy in;
  • Set up a system to green-light new ideas and maintain momentum.

Key Workshop Elements

  1. Innovation inventory: A look back at what made the company successful in its earlier innovative days. How innovation was fostered so that the company grew.
  2. Innovation roadblocks: Identifying some of the obstacles and barriers that have prevented further innovation in the company; including organizational systems, silos, negative thinking, and more. Strategize to eliminate or minimize the obstacles to let ideas and opportunities flow.
  3. Innovation opportunities: Where the greatest opportunities exist to grow the business based on extensions of existing opportunities or the application of basic technology.
  4. Customer consultation: How to identify customer problems that need to be solved and have a high value perception to the customer.
  5. Employee involvement: How to cultivate ideas and opportunities from the staff who service customers.
  6. Competitive activity: Analyzing competitor behaviour to uncover opportunities for growth.
  7. Reinvigorating the Innovation Culture: Ensuring that the company systems and processes support the generation and implementation of business growth:
    – Employee development – Succession Planning
    – Reward and recognition
    – Recruitment and selection
    – Communication
    – Leadership
  8. Setting the Action Plan: Creating a plan of action to implement the innovation process within the organization.

Potential for 100% Government Funding up to $50,000

The Province of Ontario, Canada has created a new program to help companies regain their innovative edge. The Yves Landry Foundation in conjunction with the Province of Ontario will pay up to $50,000 to cover the direct and indirect costs of training to give your company a competitive edge. Like most government programs, this is a first come, first served – when the money is all gone you are out of luck. Up to 100% of direct costs (trainer fees, workbooks, meeting room) and 50% of indirect costs (wages of attendees) can be covered. Get more information at http://www.yveslandryfoundation.com/ Chances are a similar program may exist in your state or province.

We invite you to call or email about how to get your organization’s innovation mojo back. We can help you tap into potential government funding.