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Continuing with last week’s topic, I will recap the openness and directness scale and the Director and Socializer personalities.

Then there are two personality styles that are more indirect and passive:

Thinker – the thinker is indirect and less open – they like working on their own. They like being immersed into complex projects and work on the same tasks for hours. They are really good at the details. Getting the right answer is important to them. They do not like to be rushed and find it risky to make a decision without having time to study it completely. To get along better with a thinker – be sure to give them lots of data and information. Also, instead of being enthusiatic, stay practical. Give them time to figure out that your solution is the best.

Relater – this is the personality type that is indirect and open. They are very approachable – in fact at the office, this person gets approached by everyone because they are such a good listener. Maintaining harmony is really important to this person. Unlike a Director, they will lose sleep when someone doesn’t like them. They could be accused of being the office gossip because everyone tells them lots of personal information. The challenge for Relaters is that even when other people do or say something that annoys them or hurts them, they won’t say anything. If you wrong a Relater, they will make a note in their little black book and stick the negative emotion into a sack. When their sack of supressed emotions gets full, it could burst, even over a relatively small thing. To get along better with relaters, be sure to take some time to discuss how they are feeling. When proposing an idea, say how it will make everyone happier and reduce complaints – relaters like that. They also like to know that lots have other people are already on board – so testimonials are important.

Both Relaters and Thinkers take a lot of time to make decisions and prefer to eliminate all risk. This makes it less likely for these personality styles to become managers where they are expected to make quick decisions without having all the information they need. Also, because some decisions will hurt the feelings of others, they will not want to make tough decisions. Remember that a large percentage of people fall into these more passive styles so a successful leader will need to learn how to bring them on board.

Now for the big announcement:

AM800 is going to present The Exceptional Leadership Seminar on Thursday, March 1st at the Caboto Club in Windsor. The seminar will be introduced by Mike and Lisa and be conducted by Greg Schinkel, the Leadership Wizard.

The seminar begins at 9 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.

Providing Windsor/Essex managers with the essential leadership skills they need to generate results in a challenging business environment. By registering yourself and key managers, supervisors and team leaders from your organization, you will receive this essential information:
– How to maintain a positive motivational climate in a challenging business environment
– The characteristics of an effective leader and how you match up
– The top three actions you can take as a leader to get best-ever performance from your team
– The most significant leadership pitfalls and how to avoid them
– What you think motivates employees and what really motivates them – surprising insights
– Tactics to attract and retain talented employees now and into the future
– Myths about getting the most from younger employees
– How to deal with employees who do not meet your expectations
– How to communicate with people so they do what you want… willingly

Normally, I would charge $247 for a seminar but for AM800 listeners, the investment will be $197+GST and lunch is included. We will be giving away two free registrations to two separate callers this morning. Listeners can visit and see all the details and register. Satisfaction is guaranteed – if you register and attend the seminar and don’t find it useful, you can get your money back at the end of the seminar.