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What if your leadership team was a competitive advantage for you to attract and retain talent?

During the recruiting process you likely spend a lot of time telling a story about your company and how great it is to work there. But if one of the new employees comes in and they work for a supervisor or a manager who is just not that effective or good, they are going to begin wondering if they have made a mistake.

Work on the drive of your leaders so that they are highly effective and want to do a great job. Make your leadership team a competitive advantage during the recruiting process using these three tips:

  1. Assess the strengths of your existing leaders.

Look at your current leadership team and really analyze their strengths and weaknesses. When you look at the leadership team now, how are they compared to what they possibly could be? Where are they great right now and where do they need to improve?

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  1. Define the gaps.

Define the gaps between their current level of behavior, and where they should be for you to have an amazing culture to attract and retain talent for your company. This will help you better understand how to close those gaps and make them even better leaders.

  1. Close the gaps.

Close the gaps between where your supervisors are now, and where they need to be. In most organizations, even when they have done a careful job of weeding out the bad leaders, they often still find that 10 to 15% of supervisors really do not have their heart in the role and therefore they are not ready to be as effective of a leader as they could be.

Ultimately, you must develop all of them so that you can see who rises to the top and takes their leadership role seriously. Part of this would also be deciding as a company that at every level, you will not put up with bad leadership and management.

In the talent war to attract and retain the type of people you need to be successful, look at the strength of your supervisors and make a decision to upgrade them so that you can upgrade the experience of employees as they work for your company.

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