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Are you an ambassador?

As a front-line leader, your role is to be an ambassador. You need to take management’s initiatives and points of view and transmit that to your team. You also need to take any issues, suggestions, and ideas from your team and lift them up and transmit them to managers.

How can you be a better ambassador when you are caught in the middle between management and the frontline? Use these three tips:

  1. Explain the message.

When you initially deliver a message either from management to the floor or vice versa, make sure to patiently explain the message so that the person receiving the message has a chance to understand it better. This way they will likely react positively.

Use these three tips to be a better ambassador between management and the frontline. Share on X
  1. Listen to the response.

Being an ambassador is not just about broadcasting. You are also receiving information.

When you present the information, be sure to listen to the feedback because part of your job is to take that feedback and position it in a way that it can be fed back to management or down to your team.

  1. Filter and pass along the information.

You cannot always deliver the message exactly as you heard it, because sometimes the management side may have said something that is confidential or not appropriate for your team to hear, just as your team may say something that could offend management.

You will need to filter that so that your team or management can hear it in the most constructive way.

Once you have figured out how to be an ambassador between your team and management, you might decide that you need to work on some of your other leadership skills. That is where we come in with our Front Line Leadership Training.

We look forward to being your partners in leadership development.