How to Improve Operations with Frontline Supervisors

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How to Improve Operations with Frontline Supervisors

The current misconception in the workplace is that frontline supervisors have little involvement in improving operational performance because their priority is to maintain the preexisting procedures and policies.

In reality, the opposite is true. Supervisors are highly aware of all performances within the production facility, and that includes:

  • Monitoring each department’s productivity
  • Achieving product targets on time
  • Ensuring the quality expectations are met for your customers

If there are any inefficiencies in your operation, your supervisors will know about it.

Opportunities to Improve Operations with Frontline Supervisors

Since your supervisors ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly, they are also your best source of information for improving productivity. Here are a few tips for engaging your production frontline supervisors in operational improvements. 

Tip Number 1: Set the Expectation for Observation

Ask your supervisors for input on areas where they have proactively implemented measures to hit their production targets and where other departments have failed to meet expectations. Based on their daily observations, this information can help determine the improvements or priorities you should consider in your planning.

Tip Number 2: Use “How Might We?” Questions

Consider asking the following questions as you review opportunities for operational improvements. “How might we…”:

  • Improve productivity?
  • Boost our production by 5%?
  • Refine our product quality?

Tip Number 3: Test Out Solutions

As you make experimental improvements in the operations, it would benefit you to involve your supervisors. Many newly implemented improvements have a higher fail rate because frontline leaders were not involved in the process. If your expectations are unmet, your supervisors can explain why and collaborate on a solution.

One of your greatest resources is already available to you, and by implementing these tips and involving your production and frontline supervisors in operational improvements you will significantly improve your path to success.

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