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Congratulations, you just got promoted to be the supervisor of your work team, but how are you going to be successful in that new role?

There are several challenges that face every new supervisor. Leading your former coworkers is one of them. After all, you used to work alongside them and commiserated with them, but now you’ve got to lead them. You’re going to have to do more administrative work than you ever thought was even reasonably possible and still get your other job tasks done. And, unlike before, when you were just responsible for generating your own personal results, you now must achieve results through your team.

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Use these tips to be successful in your new role as a supervisor:

  1. Strive to be friendly, firm, fair, and consistent.

Your team will appreciate your leadership more than any other supervisor they have worked for if they see you as being friendly and approachable, as well as being fair and equitable in how you apply work rules and assign work tasks.

  1. Clarify your expectations.

If you clarify your expectations, then your team will know exactly what you need from them to be successful every day. A lot of the time, team members get frustrated because they do not know what you really need from them, and they are doing the best that they can, but it is not good enough – and that is because you have been unclear about your expectations.

Those expectations should include the work output product that you need, but also how you expect them to interact with each other and you as the leader.

  1. Involve your team and build on the positives.

When you learn to ask your team for input and ideas as you are solving problems and making decisions, they will feel better about themselves and their ability to become self-sufficient will grow. Every success deserves to be acknowledged so that you can build on those positives and create even better outcomes going forward.

Once you have managed to build in those basics of this transition to being a supervisor, that’s where we come in – we offer many great topics in our Frontline Leadership Program.

No matter what it takes, we are here to help you to be successful in your leadership role.