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The posting has gone up and you are thinking about applying for the new team leader, supervisor or manager position. You are imagining the prestige, the new found power you’ll have and hopefully a raise! Unfortunately the initial excitement and glamor of the promotion will be replaced with the realities that confront every new leader: Stress and pressure to deliver results; being accountable for the results of your group; and dealing with personality conflicts.
To help you go into your new role with your eyes wide open, here are five questions to consider before you say yes to that promotion:

Question #1 – Do you like people?
It’s a basic question, but remember that leaders get results through their people so you’re going to need to be friendly and approachable to keep the lines of communication open. People want to know that you care about them. Spend a few minutes with each person checking in with them and keeping them in the loop.

Question #2 – Can you separate friendship from leadership?
It can be difficult to transition from co-worker to leader. At work, leadership must take priority and friendships will play a more important role after work hours. Some of your buddies might have an issue with you in your leadership role. Remember you can still be friendly and approachable, just don’t let your friendships cause you to play favorites.

Question #3 – Can you lead by example?
Team members are going to pay more attention to your actions than your words, so set the example when it comes to punctuality, safety, quality and being a team player. Live what you expect from others, work hard and set the pace.

Question #4 – Do you like seeing other people get better than you are?
You want your team to succeed so they don’t rely on you to make all the decisions and solve all the problems. Your team is not your competition; their success is your success. Helping them be their best helps you deliver results your management team expects.

Question #5 – Can you stay positive?
Being in a positive mood sets the tone for your team. People pick up on your mood or actions. The whole team can be pulled down by negativity. Staying positive helps maintain safety, quality and productivity.

Now when you think about your responses to these five questions, it can help you decide when you are ready to take the plunge and accept that promotion to the leader role. If you do accept the leadership challenge, we’ve got some excellent resources to support you at

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