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Many leaders say they have trouble getting to their most important tasks because they’re constantly interrupted throughout the work day.  In addition to the daily volume of emails and phone calls, having team members coming by your office with questions, issues or in constant need of approval can be a distraction.  Our Front Line Leadership program offers helpful suggestions to get more of the important stuff done.
Here are three tips for reducing the number of interruptions you have in your work day.  This way, you’ll be able to get the most important things done.
Tip #1 – Touch base with all your team members
Proactively touch base with all your team members without making them come and get you. One of the reasons your team members come and ask you questions is to get some of your time and attention. The team members who don’t bring you problems and questions don’t get any of your attention. You can be proactive and touch base with all of your team members on a regular basis by walking your department and checking in with them.
Tip #2 – Carry a notebook
You can stay better organized and show your team members that you’re good at getting them answers and following through on their issues and concerns.  Record the date and write your notes legibly and respectfully.  By taking notes and marking items when completed, you won’t have the same issues coming up over and over again.
Tip #3 – Build team skills
Build up the skills of your team members and create routine so that they can manage themselves more easily and use their time more effectively. As they become more capable and confident, you’ll find that you have more time to work on your more important tasks.
These three tips for reducing the number of interruptions at work will reduce your frustration and help you get the more important things done better.
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