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It is essential to everyone’s success that you dedicate time to training your leaders to ensure that your company can grow into the future. 

Does Training Factory Leaders Impact an Organization’s Growth Rate or Success? 

83% of businesses and many leaders in those businesses have identified that training and developing leaders is crucial at all levels. However, only 5% of companies make any kind of meaningful attempt to build their leaders consistently.

The president of one of our clients, a multi-location automotive accessories company, confessed that they did what most companies do. They took some of their best employees and promoted them based on their technical skills. Only to watch them struggle when they were doing things from a leadership perspective.

Communication from the leadership team was poor with their people regarding motivating and handling conflict. As a result, many issues were escalated to HR to take care of, or in some cases, to the president. They realized that they required training for those leaders so they could be successful.

That is where we came in.

After working with them on some fundamental training, we noticed that their leaders could handle most of the real issues. They proved that they could effectively address issues that caused grief and aggravation to reduce the number of complaints to HR.

Things to Consider When Training Factory Leaders

Number One: Focus on Leadership Fundamentals

There are lots of different buzzwords and topics that people get excited about. When you look at it, leadership is a game of fundamentals, at least to start with. Those fundamentals include communication, motivation, problem-solving, and handling conflicts.

Number Two: Strengthen the Bench

Strengthening the bench means that your leaders develop the employees on their team because those team members need to be able to step up if the company grows.

Your leaders need to be ready for future promotions. Your employees need to be cultivated and strengthened, so they do not have to rely on their leader to do their day-to-day business tasks and work.

Number Three: Encourage Leaders to Identify Future Leaders

Leaders should focus on creating future leaders. When you recognize your team members’ potential, you can use encouragement and support their development. Doing this sets your future leaders up for success when a promotion is offered. 

Furthering Leadership Development

All the recommendations we presented require at least the baseline of leadership capabilities and confidence.

It starts with the conversation if you recognize similarities between yourself and that automotive accessories manufacturer.

Visit our website at; from there, we can set a time to discuss which training approach will provide the results you strive for.

Our mission is to create workplaces led by supervisors and to create an exceptional experience for everyone.