Is Virtual Leadership Training For Logistics Leaders The Answer?

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When enrolling in virtual training opportunities, there is hesitancy as to whether or not virtual leadership training for logistics leaders is an effective method for your team.

This week we will evaluate this approach so you can make an informed decision as to whether this is right for you and your leaders.

Virtual Training Versus In-Person Training

Would you consider virtual training just as engaging as in-person classroom training? 58% of surveyed individuals have stated they prefer to learn at their own pace instead of following the speed of an in-person class setting.

Typically, when we meet with prospective clients, they gravitate towards in-person classroom training. There are two reasons for this:

1. In-person is what they are used to.

2. It is what they received themselves.

Many people making decisions about training are in an age cohort where it is the only way they have attended the training (generally through half-day or full-day classes.) In our programs, we deliver a significant portion of our in-person training onsite. Ideally, it is broken into half-day segments to allow our attendees to apply what they have learned in between sessions.

On the virtual level, we share with clients that they have two options to consider that can be done virtually: live group training delivered virtually or On Demand training.

A Closer Look At Virtual Leadership Training For Logistics Leaders

How can an online session mimic the same experience you have in the classroom?

To ensure we provide an exceptional experience, we have invested in a multi-camera virtual training studio and a production team for our classes. These essential pieces have resulted in a significant amount of interaction.

We have also taken this a step further and launched our Front Line Leadership On Demand program. It allows trainees to learn in smaller portions to give them room to put those new ideas and concepts into action over a multi-month period.

The True Purpose Of Learning

At the core of learning is a desire to discover. If you are experiencing challenges and situations, you may also find yourself interested in finding a way to solve those issues. 

Today, we will share three tips to make your next virtual training session effective or, in some cases, an even better experience than in-person options.

Number One: Select Virtual Training That Is Engaging

Like any other training course, you cannot say they are all the same. Look at the delivery method that will be used in delivering the training. Ask yourself:

  • Are they sitting in front of a device, sharing screens, and troubleshooting with technology?
  • Will my attendees feel their training replicates an environment similar to that of an in-class session?

Number Two: Apply The Learning Between Sessions

No one learns well in multi-day intensive training. That is because our mental ability to absorb information slowly decreases, as does our bodies when we remain in one state for extended periods.

We will still offer that format for clients determined to do it that way, but otherwise, we encourage training to be spread out so attendees can use their new skills.

Our Front Line Leadership facilitates this through our Leader Behavior Builder System. It allows trainees to set a commitment and then time to practice the new techniques in between sessions. From there, it tracks, monitors, and provides a metric for improvements observed in their leadership capabilities.

Number Three: Quantify The Impact

Quantifying impact is another measurement tracked through the Leader Behavior Builder System. You have likely witnessed firsthand in your operation that better leadership can have a more significant impact on operating performance.

This approach would also benefit your team in tracking metrics before, during, and after training to assess how many gains have been achieved.

Remain Open To Learning Opportunities

No training is going to be perfect in a one-shot deal because that is not how we learn. We learn over time through repetition. 

Instead of looking at only one program, why not start with one? From there you can be open to the idea as you see the positive impact of doing a second and third phase to keep your leaders on a continuous leadership journey?

If you are interested in pursuing learning opportunities, we hope you will reach out to us and begin the conversation through our website at 

Whether you choose our On Demand service, virtual studio, or the old-fashioned in-person classroom training, we are your partners in leadership excellence.