Policies and Procedures Don’t Motivate

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There is a tendency whenever a problem pops up to think that revising the policy and procedure will fix the problem. Often its a knee jerk reaction to an employee who abuses a rule or guideline or a manager who is inconsistent. Often the result is that everyone gets punished for the transgressions of the few. And it’s frustrating and can limit creativity and innovation.

Managers and supervisors tend to abandon their leadership role and simply refer employees to policies and procedures and the need to compliance.

Let’s look at a few situations where policies and procedures are less than motivational:

Safety – Instead of saying we have to follow the safety rules because we need to reduce
compensation costs – say it’s important to work safely because I care about you and want you to go home to your family with all of your fingers and toes.

Punctuality and Attendance – Instead of saying we have policies about attendance and being late – say we need you here and we need you to be on time because you’re an important part of the team – when you’re not here it makes us have to scramble and that hurts the team and the customers.

Creative and self-motivated employees often find creative ways to work around a boss who is anal about policies. In fact they replace the leadership they are not getting from the boss.

Advice for the managers – realize that policies and procedures are important for providing a baseline. Instead of blaming the rules – get to the real intent of the message – reach out to people and show that you mean what you say with praise and correction as required.

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