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It’s official, the recession is over! Or is it? While politicians and economists debate when the recession officially ends, those of us in sales still face the daunting task of hitting year end targets with less than 11 weeks to go before we close the books on 2009.

What can you are your team do to impact the balance of the year and build a strong momentum heading into 2010?

  1. Target your top ten accounts and look at how you can help them buy more from you. Your best customers are your best source of sales growth. Get creative with your ideas. Chances are your customer also wants to boost sales so you are really working towards the same goal. “How can we both work together to increase your sales and what you buy from us?”
  2. Take advantage of the fact that your competitors are scrambling. Let’s face it competitors don’t act rationally. In fact many times they mess up the marketplace for the rest of us. The good news is that your competitors’ shortcomings are your opportunity to take business away from them. Target accounts that you know your competitors are likely screwing up. These days companies don’t have the time and money to mess around. They need a supplier who has their best interest at heart. Be that kind of supplier and take business away from your competitor.
  3. Maintain a positive attitude. Some companies seem to have “customer prevention strategies”. Pay attention to how people answer the phone, how they deal with customer requests, questions and concerns. Are you treating your customers like they are important or a nuisance? If you treat them like they are a nuisance, the good news is that you will have less of them to complain about. Confront employees who share misery instead of happiness and tell them their job depends on being positive. Keep a positive, achievement oriented tone in all communications.

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