Turnover at the top

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Turnover at the top

One supervisor was counting up the number of plant managers he had seen come and go during the past five years. There were seven different people at the top, each with their own agenda. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that employees might roll their eyes at yet another imperative change coming from a […]

What about the followers?

Over a coffee with a colleague, she shared with me an interesting trend emerging in followership. For decades, most training and development has been focused on executives, managers and front line supervisors with the justification that improvements made at those higher levels will be reflected in the behavior and results of the staff at the […]

Disconnected Leadership: How to align senior management and front line leaders

“My boss needs to take this course.” This is what we hear from supervisors and team leaders who take our front line leadership course. On the other side of the equation I hear the frustrations of senior executives as they question why the rest of the organization doesn’t “get with the program” in terms of […]