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I want to begin with an observation about how people seem to be unable to receive praise for a job well done – I want people to get better at receiving thanks and praise with grace – if someone offers you a compliment, rather than making light of it, or deflecting the praise – say “Thank you, I appreciate that!” You honor the other person and make yourself feel good.

1. Showing appreciation to staff – managers should provide 10 times the amount of positive feedback for every 1 corrective or negative comment. Since most people want attention, they will behave negatively if that is what will get the attention of their manager. Even though people are paid to be at work, the manager should say thank you for a job well done.

2. Showing appreciation to coworkers – with so much of our lives spent at work, let’s go out of our way to say thank you when other people help us out. It will reinforce those positive behaviours.

3. Showing appreciation to your boss – You’ve heard the saying its lonely at the top. If you think you don’t receive enough praise, it gets even worse in management. When your boss does something you appreciate, tell him or her about it and you will get more of the same.

4. Appreciate your customers – this seems like common sense and yet people often complain about their customers – the customer is why you get a paycheck – let’s be appreciative to our customers and for the opportunity to solve their problems.

5. Appreciate your suppliers – lately, many companies have been beating up their suppliers when they should be appreciating them more. Suppliers are a crucial part of your company’s success and saying thank you will maintain a positive working relationship.

6. Appreciate your family and friends – reinforce the kinds of behaviours you want to see in your family and friends and you will attract more positives into your life.