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If you are an introverted leader, you might feel your colleagues get more credit than they deserve, and you might not be getting proper credit and acknowledgement for the contributions you make.

It can be irritating if you are a self-contained introvert and you are seeing your extroverted colleagues get more credit and accolades for what they contribute.

Of course, people should be evaluated based on the actual value they deliver, but some promotion and marketing doesn’t hurt either to increase your visibility.

Here are three tips for the introverted leader to begin to receive the proper credit and acknowledgement they are seeking:

Tip number one is to be more self-promotional.

Don’t assume your manager always sees the contributions you make. Instead, tell people about what you did, how it worked, or the results that were generated.

It is not showing off to tell people, “Here’s what I took care of and here’s what happened as a result of that.”

You don’t have to boast. You simply have to say, “This was the situation. Here’s what I did to take care of it, and here are the results.”

The second tip is to say what’s on your mind.

As an introvert, it’s easy to get in your head, and not articulate what you are thinking. You might be pondering something and have valuable input, meanwhile, a more extroverted colleague will simply blurt something out, and management will like the fact they spoke up.

It’s important to reveal what you are thinking, share your ideas and how it will affect the organization and the business.

The third tip is to be confident in your recommendations and decisions.

Be confident in speaking about what you would recommend, even when you’re not totally certain if it is going to work or not.

Making a strong decision or recommendation can help you stand out in an organization.

Making a strong decision or recommendation can help you #StandOut in an #Organization. Share on X

If you float ideas and management likes them, you’ll get credit for having made the recommendation. If you keep your ideas to yourself, someone else might make the recommendation before you. They will get the credit and it won’t reflect well on you even though you may have had the same idea.

When it comes to decisions, introverts might be wary to take risks for fear that it puts them in danger, especially if those decisions turn out to be less than awesome.

Remember, organizations are always taking risks. They are always doing something without knowing for sure whether it will work.

Some of this may seem like PR or marketing, but remember, part of managing your career path is making sure you get recognition and acknowledgement for the contributions you make.

Instead of keeping it all to yourself, try sharing things in a way that’s helpful for the organization and others. It’s not boasting if it’s true! This will help you to gain the proper credit and acknowledgements you deserve.