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Welcome 2022 CAPS Convention Attendees

If you were a registered attendee at the 2022 CAPS Convention in Calgary AB, or have purchased a recording of the sessions and you would like to receive the PDFs related to the session you attended, please click on the Contact Us link and Greg will email you the information.

Greg's Links
Actionable - This is the platform that runs the Leader Behavior Builder system. Participants in training sessions set a commitment to put an idea from the training into action and the system checks in with them for 30-days to measure their growth in putting their commitment into action.
Simon Bowen's Models Method approach helps you put your intellectual property into visual models and it demonstrates your expertise.
Strategic Coach - Greg and other CAPS members use Strategic Coach to expand their mindset to 10X their businesses. The Strategic Coach program help you focus on your Unique Ability and put a team in place to build a self-managed company. There are minimum income requirements to qualify.
The Lisa Larter group has managed Greg's social media marketing since 2017. Lisa Larter is a CAPS member and manages the marketing for several high profile CAPS and NSA members including Alan Weiss.

Masterful Marketing - by Larter and Weiss
Many of the marketing efforts that Greg has applied to grow his business are outlined in this book by Lisa Larter and Alan Weiss.