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What is a No-Brainer?

What is a No-Brainer? What is a No-Brainer?

 When you hear that something is a no-brainer, does that mean it really is a no-brainer? Often, there are things that you think will be easy to implement as a leader, and they turn out to be far more challenging than you thought. Keep a radar out for certain phrases when implementing these changes. […]

Start the Day Strong

Start the Day Strong start the day strong

 How can you use a shift start meeting to get your day off to a great start? Shift start meetings or toolbox meetings are a great opportunity for you to get the shift off to a good start and get your team members ready to contribute and achieve their goals. You’ve likely seen both […]

Build Strong Relationships

Build Strong Relationships Build Strong relationships

 What do the people you interact with on a regular basis need from you, and how can you strengthen those relationships? If you can build strong relationships with everyone you interact with, it will make it a lot easier to get things done. You will be able to get things you need more quickly […]