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Topic is celebrating success – since we are celebrating Victoria Day in Canada and our American friends will have Memorial Day next weekend.

Organizations do not take enough time to celebrate their successes.

Build a Base Camp – When you are climbing Mount Everest, you don’t go straight to the top – you take an opportunity to rest, get used to the altitude, get nourished and ready for the next leg of your climb.

Businesses want to reach ever higher heights of performance – as they should – and to avoid slipping down the mountain they need to celebrate success.

Reinforce what you want – A leadership lesson I keep emphasizing is the need for managers, supervisors and work leaders to reinforce the positive things they see in their people. When you focus on positives, people realize that you are noticing them for the good things, and not focusing on the bad things. Remember that people would rather be abused than ignored – and so you might accidentally motivate staff to cause more problems instead of doing more of the good things.

Suggestions for Managers:

1. Build in some time at the beginning of your staff meetings to talk about what is going right – either for the organization or for the individuals. This may take some coaxing at first because people will be used to talking about problems and job tasks. Stick with it and staff will get used to it.

2. Make that any good deed gets noticed – once words gets around that you are focusing on recognizing positives – you will see a boost to morale and attitude.

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