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We have now visited amusement parks and other sites in Cincinnati Ohio, Williamsburg Virginia, Washington DC, and currently New York City and I want to talk about customer service.

If you are in customer service or you manage an organization that deals with customers, here are some ideas to become more customer focused.

1. View each customer experience as if your job depended on it – one thing that irks a customer is when a staff member treats customer service as a chore – remember – no customers, no business, no job. There is a place called ESPN Zone in Washington and near where I am standing in Times Square New York. When we were leaving the restaurant in Washington we mentioned that we were headed to Baltimore on our way to New York – without asking a staff member went on Google and printed out directions. It was an added touch. We liked it so much – the kids wanted to go there two nights later when we got to New York.

2. View serving others is an honor and priviledge – many people say that New Yorkers are rude and pushy – there may be a little truth to that because everything is so fast paced.There is a small diner across from our hotel on 8th Avenue – it’s not fancy – the food was excellent – the service was very fast, friendly and courteous. There was no bad attitude.

3. Doing it right beats an apology. Most customers want to get what they need quickly with a minimum of waiting, hassle and aggravation. In the rare cases something does go wrong – take care of it quickly and well – remember a lifetime customer relationship is at stake.

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