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It’s summer vacation season and there are still managers and key employees who find it a challenge to take time off – and in many cases can’t take more than one week at a time.

Some managers and employees love their work so much that vacation time is more of a chore than a benefit. It’s great to love what you do and some single minded entrepreneurs have built some big corporations by working all the time. Having a passion for things outside of business can help these workaholics get some balance and make them better leaders.Most of us need some down time and in fact it is a sign of a good manager and organized employee when the work doesn’t pile up while you are away.

If a manager has to be in constant touch while away it can be a sign that they are not a good delegator. Be getting others to be more confident and capable you need to work at making yourself less needed. Put your ego aside and recognize that a good leader is someone who grows leadership in others.

As an employee you may not have someone to delegate to. You can try and train coworkers to do some of what you do or create systems to take care of things in your absence. Instead of feeling threatened realize that you are more valuable if you can make things run more efficiently.

The next time we talk, I will be beginning my vacation and will keep you posted on our midwest theme park tour.

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