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Q: Why is this so important?

A: Deciding who should be promoted into a leadership position or into a position of greater authority is an important decision for most businesses and organizations.
A supervisor or manager will have a dramatic impact on the success of the organization. They will either help lead a workgroup to greater success, or perhaps cause it to stumble and create turnover and low morale and attitude.

Q: So What Qualities Make a Person Promotable

A: Typically, we promote the best employee in the work group or the person who has the longest seniority. The flaw in this – is that just because an employee is a high performer does not mean they will be a good leader. In fact they might not even enjoy being the manager if they truly love what they are doing. And just because a person has been around the longest doesn’t mean they have the qualities of a good leader.

Q: Is promoting from within important?

A: Yes, it builds morale when you promote from within. If you parachute in a manager from outside, it sends a negative message to the organization. It says that there is not much opportunity to grow and move up, and it also shows that the organization has a weakness in developing future leaders which could mean that delegation and coaching is lacking or non existant.

Q: What qualities are we looking for?

A: We want to see some positive leadership characteristics. Is the person approachable? Are they able to set and achieve ambitious performance goals? Are they known to be helpful to others? Are they good trainers – able to show others how to do the job? Are they good communicators? Do they share information or hord it?

Q: Are there any tools that can be used to select better leaders?

A: Yes, we offer an assessment tool that can help predict the best fit for a job, whether it is hiring a new employee or deciding who whould be promoted. People can get all the info at