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It was school break week in our area last week. We took a day trip to nearby Niagara Falls. My wife Robin made an interesting observation as we drove. She pointed out that my son Ryan is “destination focused” while my daughter Rebecca is focused more on “the Journey.”
The same thing can apply in your business – are you destination driven or do you enjoy the journey along the way?
Destination or Journey?
Many of the high achievers I know are very destination driven. They are focused on specific things they want to achieve within a specific time frame. Many have achieved tremendous success in terms of career, finances and growing their businesses.
Some of the more laid back and introspective people I know are focused more on the journey rather than the destination. They want to live life to the fullest and find enjoyment in the nuances of life. They enjoy taking different paths and trying new things just for the fun and the learning.
I’m glad we have some destination focused people because their tenacity and determination help break through obstacles and achieve what many think is impossible.
It’s also refreshing to have journey focused people who take time to smell the roses and feel much can be learned from life along the way to the destination.
Your organization is likely made stronger by having both types of people. Too many destination people and you could end up with a cold, efficient operation with no heart. Too many journey people and the organization can drift off course.
Reflection Questions
Are you destination or journey focused? Can you appreciate the differences in those who see the world differently from you?
Action Items

  • Observe those you work and play with. Are they destination focused or journey focused?
  • Help each of the two types realize that both perspectives are valuable in different situations and at different times.
  • See if you can enjoy the journey while you strive for the destination.