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It’s amazing how Labor Day seems to be like New Year’s Day for business. And as the kids head back to school, it’s time to reflect on whether you and your team need to sharpen your skill sets for what lies ahead.
I’m pleased to give you a sneak peek at my latest book What Great Supervisors Know. It is being printed now and will be available in a week or two to purchase. It is a pocket-sized book with some of the key insights we teach in our supervisor and team leader training. Irwin and I are nearing completion of our next book Fusion or Fizzle: How Leaders Leverage Training to Ignite Results. Watch for more info soon.
Have a great week!
Done learning?
Kids aren’t the only ones who need to go back to school. Chances are your leaders, your employees and perhaps even you need to sharpen your skill sets.
During the recession it was easy to defer training and simply hunker down for survival. Now that we are at the beginning of a new period of economic expansion (no matter what you might be reading in the newspaper) it is time to take an inventory of what you need to grow your business.
Training can be effective to:

  • Prepare for future advancement and succession 
  • Increase flexibility through cross training
  • Ignite change and continuous improvement

Leadership training

Many of the clients we work with have either never provided training for their supervisors or team leaders or not given them any training in the past 5 years or longer. The effectiveness of the supervisor and manager is reflected in the productivity and results generated by their team and the morale and attitude of the employees.
Sales training
Purchasing agents and buyers get far more training than most sales people do. It is no wonder that there is a constant assault on margins because the buyers are outsmarting the sellers and the perceived value is being eroded. Consider equipping your sales team with the skills they need to generate higher margins and volumes.
As training advocates we support whatever training initiatives you can muster given your budget and circumstances. Whether you train your people with us or someone else or simply buy some books and do it yourself, at least you are investing in progress and growth.