What is your leadership legacy?

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After a number of years of being a manager, supervisor or team leader it can feel as though you have ‘been there and done that.’ With fewer opportunities for promotion, how can you re-energize your enthusiasm for your leadership role?
Perhaps it is time to wake up to your higher purpose of being a developer of people.
You will be long remembered for your role in developing others once the memory of your great management skills fades away. 
As you think back to the managers and supervisors you have worked for, you likely have one or two who made the most significant impact on you. Isn’t it a shame that there are so few inspiring bosses?
As a leader yourself, what kind of legacy are you leaving? Will you be known as the type of manager or supervisor who made a difference to a large number of employees or will you be just another boss, forgotten soon after you retire or leave your current position?
If doing your management job has become a little stale, why not shift your focus to building the capabilities of the people who work for you? Not only will they appreciate your interest in their success, they will want to help you succeed in your leadership role.
Tips for Building a Leadership Legacy

  • Think about the talents and potential of the people who work for you.
  • Have conversations with them about their ambitions.
  • Provide challenging job assignments.
  • Delegate greater responsibility to them.
  • Recommend worthy candidates for promotion.
  • Give tough love to those who need to adjust their thinking.
  • Encourage and push employees to stretch themselves beyond their current beliefs about what is possible.