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Last week I spoke to a group of high school students who were planning to enter the workplace directly from grade 12. I thought I would share some observations with listeners who might also benefit:

– First Impressions are crucial – most people still judge a book by it’s cover so make sure you set yourself up for success – look clean and professional – not necessarily suit and tie – just presentable. Even when dropping off your resume, look presentable. Be on time for the interview. Use a firm handshake to convey confidence. Smile and be warm and open.

– Prepare for the interview – know about the company and have a reason for applying to them. “I need a job” is not a good reason. Make an observation about the company and why it is a good fit with you. Have a few questions in mind to ask – ask about the interviewer and their job path. Ask about the types of projects, assignments that might be available.

– Build rapport and communicate well – Use your body language and tempo to show the other person you are like them. Communicate clearly and with confidence. Avoid up inflections.

– Explain why your background and unique qualities are a good fit. Just giving them the facts isn’t going to make the case to hire you. Link your experiences to benefits from them hiring you. I believe in hard work, being on time and getting the job done.

Upcoming courses: On May 7th we have Advanced Communication – Persuasion Dynamics. And as a special pre-announcement – I will be holding a 2-day Leadership Boot Camp for only 25 people on June 3rd and 4th at the Windsor Club. Listen for more details next Monday.