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As part of our leadership training, we use a coaching simulation to teach managers how to be coaches. Here are some of the insights from that simulation:

1. Good coaches don’t have to be the best players – In most professional sports, the coaches are not former elite players. Sometimes a great athlete or a great employee can’t teach others how to get better. Good coaches are good teachers.

2. Coaches don’t demand respect, they earn it – A good coach doesn’t have to threaten his team in order to show them who’s boss. The coach who shows respect to players ends up earning their respect. If a player, or employee gets out of line, the coach can still apply consequences without threatening.

3. Coaches know that players want to succeed – In sports and business, we know that it’s not enough to make sure that everyone is happy – people want to win and succeed. A good coach sets ambitious goals, encourages players and celebrates success.

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